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Build, operate and optimize intelligent digital platforms and products.

Why choose Softwize for Cloud app development

Softwize helps enterprises overcome any challenge by developing flexible multi-cloud operating models that can increase the availability and scalability of IT infrastructure while optimizing total cost of ownership through the selection, design, migration, orchestration and expense management of compute and storage resources provisioned in public, private and hybrid clouds.


Cloud Architecture

Leverage cloud capabilities like automation and orchestration with a resilient cloud platform to innovate safely, implement the latest cloud capabilities, and minimize system downtime with our proven cloud architecture design services and tested strategies.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration services include evaluating the existing infrastructure and providing organizations the tools and methodologies required to migrate their complex and business-critical applications to the desired cloud infrastructure and architecture.


Cloud Tool Development

Deliver highly scalable, portable, and flexible cloud applications through top-notch development services from our team. Softwize tailor-made cloud-native applications powered by third-party integrations based on innovations like AI, VR, data science, IoT, and many others.


Our microservices development and architecture services help you reshape and optimize your application into independent microservices that enable you to deliver a seamless user experience to your users. Harness the power of on-demand application scalability.



Our specialized consultants are certified by AWS for the integration, migration and development of applications and services in the cloud. 

Kubernets Consulting

Our extensive Kubernetes consulting services help you elevate your application performance. We enable you to harness Kubernetes’ exceptional features like failover monitoring system, deployment patterns, canary deployment to deliver enhanced performance, every time.

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