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Biller Ticket

Create a mobile application that changes the traditional way of handling people's fiscal responsibilities, aggregating their services into a single point of contact and reflecting in real time the status of each client...

After the immersion, an application was created that transformed the tax industry, focused on a self-care model, where the entire relationship and services are available to its customers at a single point of contact, with a unique experience.


+20 professionals,

+2,500h projects and improvements/more


Develop a platform that connects in a comprehensive and centralized way a business or company with digital commerce...

After the immersion, a platform was developed with the latest in UX design trends, point of sale system, inventory control, expenses, debts, messaging, B2B channel, service payments, among others.

+20 professionals,

+2,500h projects and improvements/more


Create a mobile and web application that connects users with certified mechanical workshops through geolocation. Streamlining the payment process and tracking through the applications...

Creation and development of the application for smartphones and tablets, using map resources, geolocation, off-line operation (to send the proposal when a connection is available).

Agile Development

Evolutionary reduction of incidents and requests, applying Problem Management practices.

+20 professionals,

+2,500h projects and improvements/more


We created the first 100% Digital branch in Brazil for BanPará...

Pioneering project with Softwize's Digital Branches solutions (Cash Out & Pay) with smart ATMs.

Banco Original

New applications for support; more than 30 business applications; Bank Inauguration Process; continuous evolution of UX.

Support +15 Java, Worklight, SAS and BI applications, N2, N3, Agile Factory (Squads)

+20 professionals,
+2,500h projects and improvements/more

Agile Development

Evolutionary reduction of incidents and requests, applying Problem Management practices.


Create a new way of relating through a new contact and loyalty experience with your customers, aggregating their services in a single point of contact.

We immersed ourselves in the needs of the business and the possible functionalities available for the creation of a user-friendly application that contemplates the integral financial management of Visa cards.

After the Dive and the co-creation process, a credit card management application was created, focusing on a self-care model, in which all Vision's relationship and services are available to its customers at a single point of contact, with a single experience.


Banco do Brasil wanted to facilitate the life of the Rural Producer, who is now obliged to inform the coordinates of the areas they want to finance, hired from Softwize the development service of the GeoMapa Rural solution.

Ease for the Rural Producer in entering basic data and capturing geodetic coordinates (through a few clicks or by walking the perimeter of the farm), automating and accelerating the agricultural financing process.

Banco do Brasil
Banco do Brasil

In context, the vehicle purchase process at the dealerships was quite bureaucratic and manual, which caused delays in the release of the vehicle...

The behavior and expectations of users were analyzed in each of the moments of the purchase of a car, including the purchase of insurance to understand expectations and technological habits, in the search for greater loyalty and sales.

As part of the solution, the entire car configuration, test-drive scheduling, onboarding, simulation and loan and insurance contracting were contemplated.

In addition, value was delivered to the end user because in an easy way he could pre-purchase the car and even the insurance in the comfort of his home, through a mobile application.

Renault Crédit

Cielo wanted to make life easier for commercial establishments, with daily information and insights about their business. It hired Softwize to develop the Cielo Farol digital solution.

Creation and development of digital channels (web and mobile), using secure and simplified integration resources through APIs and responsive usability, in order to bring a better experience for commercial establishments to evaluate their business.


Ease for the owners of commercial establishments to manage their business with tracking of movements, comparison of results with similar businesses, insights on the profile and purchasing behavior of customers to support customer loyalty strategies.


The main metrics, KPIs and marketing goals are tracked in real time, allowing the management of creatives, channels and media investments.

Due to the success of the model, in 2017 we had the expansion of the service for the other Itaú brands, such as Itaucard, Rede and Personnalité.

We have been working since 2016 on the implementation of the Brand Connections squads model, with the development of dashboards with indicators of Itaú's main branding campaigns.

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